Hire Image was founded in 2005 by CEO Christine Cunneen and Co-Founder Tom Tomlinson. The company specializes in providing comprehensive and thorough background checks and screenings. The entire team works closely with their clients, keeps their needs in mind, and creates customized screening packages, which is why they’re our new Expert of the Month!

Before creating Hire Image, Tom was a private investigator who started to explore employment screenings and Christine was his accountant. While working as a CPA, Christine decided to go back to school and get her MBA. In response to the proposals he was receiving for the employment screening services, Tom needed her help to create a business plan. Christine and some of her classmates began writing the business plan, and she soon realized that employment screening was a great industry. Initially she wanted to work with Tom part time, but the pair decided to join forces and build the business. During the first quarter together, they landed a contract that required all hands-on deck. From there, the business soared, and Hire Image was created!


Christine Cunneen, Hire Image

Christine Cunneen, CEO and Co-Founder of Hire Image

At Hire Image, they offer a variety of comprehensive background checks and employee screening services. With their advanced technology they make the screening process fast, simple and affordable. They screen everything from criminal checks, drug screening, verification of education, credit checks, driving history, and much more. The Hire Image team works to provide anything an employer needs to know before hiring someone. Their background checks and screenings allow their clients to make well-informed hiring and retention decisions.

Christine firmly believes that customer service is their best asset. As Christine says, Hire Image is a “boutique shop because we offer customer service.” When you call, you get a live person and they don’t offshore any of their data overseas like a lot of the bigger companies. They care about their customers and will work with them individually to create packages based on their needs. Since they’re the industry experts, they also work to make sure they’re clients are always compliant. Plus, Hire Image does their own background checks (as well as ours) so you know they’re good at what they do!

When asked what she likes about working with us, Christine stated “I love the customer service. The IT Support RI team is always available and ready to help in a pinch. I appreciate them for always being there and making sure our systems are up, running, and ready to go.”

If you’re interested in Hire Image’s background check and screening services or you want to learn more, visit their website, www.hireimage.com. You can also call them at 401-490-2202 or send them an email at contact@hireimage.com. At Hire Image, they work hard to ensure you hire the right person for the job!