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HIPAA Compliance SWFL

HIPAA Compliance SWFL

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I was (and still am) impressed by the level of care IT Support SWFL provides.  They quickly learned the software we have that is specific to eye care. They have become an essential partner to us and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who needs IT services. IT Support SWFL responds quickly and fix the problem the first time. Our practice has used Nick and his team since 2012. We consistently experience an outstanding level of service and dedication from Nick and his entire team no matter how big or small the problem is. I could not recommend a better IT support company.
Jim Boccuzzi

Founder, O.D. and F.A.A.O., Killingly Eye Care

I met Paul and Nick back at the Lincoln Mall. We were neighbors there for a short while and we worked with them then. When we moved to our new location, I was told that this IT guy from Virginia was the guy to call to get setup with my new EHR software. I hired him and he did what he needed to in the beginning. Then, he kind of disappeared, we didn’t know where he went. When this guy fell off the radar, I told my internal IT guy to give Paul a call to see what he could do to keep us going as far as our computers went.

We got fully onboard and they continue to do a great job. They are there when we need them and they come right out if there is an issue to take care of it. I’ve been really happy with them. IT Support SWFL is very progressive. They know what is going on in the healthcare field and they know what I need to do to keep me from getting fines from the ‘HIPAA Police’. I trust them to keep us on track and to keep us out of trouble.

John Pugliese

Owner of Pugliese Family Eye Care, Pugliese Family Eye Care

What Is HIPAA?

HIPAA is the main privacy medical law in the country.  HIPAA Compliance is not optional. Failure to comply will result in substantial penalties or fines.

Privacy & Security Rules

HIPAA has two main rules: the Privacy and Security Rules. These rules are in place to help protect patient health information, privacy, and security.


Staff Training

Are your employees trained to use their computers responsibly? Employees can accidentally download viruses and malware that allow hackers easy access.

Are You Compliant?

The consequences of not being compliant can be severe. Do you know if your practice is meeting HIPAA requirements?

HIPAA Compliance SWFL

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Imagine walking into your office one morning to discover your computer network was breached by a hacker. 

Not only was your company’s data exposed, but your patients’ information was also compromised.

On top of that, your practice is now on the HIPAA breach list.

 Now, your current and potential clients and everyone in the country can see your company’s name published on the list.

Think of all the patients you lost—or worse, the potential lawsuits and government fines you’ll have to deal with for violating data-breach laws.

What Is HIPAA Compliance SWFL?

What is HIPAA?
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, is the main privacy medical law in the country.  Any company that deals with protected health information (PHI) must ensure that all the required physical, network, and process security measures are in place and followed.

HIPAA is designed to protect a patient’s privacy, as well as maintain the integrity of a practice. HIPAA Compliance SWFL is not optional; it is a necessity for all medical practices. If you manage any Protected Health Information (PHI), you must comply with federal regulations.

Failure to comply will result in substantial penalties or fines.

Privacy and Security Rules

HIPAA has two main rules: the Privacy and Security Rules.

HIPAA’s Privacy Rule focuses on protecting, accessing, and sharing a patient’s medical and personal information.

The Security Rule specifically outlines the security standards to protect a patient’s health information on computers, networks,  and other electronic devices.

Staff Training

HIPAA Compliance requires staff privacy and security training.

Unfortunately, employees can accidentally download viruses and malware that allow hackers easy access. Do you have a data security policy? An Acceptable Use Policy? Do you have training to help employees understand how to use e-mail and the Internet responsibly? It’s critical that you educate all of your employees in how to spot an infected e-mail or online scam

All staff members must be HIPAA trained prior to accessing any health information. Your practice must have standards and procedures in place for accessing and handling PHI/ePHI. Your IT company should be able to assist you in your HIPAA security audits with respect to the technology used in your practice.

Is Your Practice Compliant?

Are you are uneasy, or believe you need assistance getting compliant? We can help!

We currently support a variety of clients in the healthcare field. Navigating the waters of HIPAA Compliance SWFL can be tricky for even the most experienced compliance officer. We provide monthly reporting and assist in annual audits to make your job easier. Plus, our entire staff is HIPAA certified, so you can rest assured that every recommendation we make has HIPAA in mind.

Understanding HIPAA regulations is confusing and overwhelming. The consequences of not being compliant can be severe —anything from fines to even more serious penalties that could potentially bring down your entire practice. At IT Support RI, we specialize in helping healthcare practices make sense of their IT and get systems that work for them. We understand that you have far better things to do than troubleshoot problematic technology. Our technicians can help keep your practice safe and HIPAA compliant. Stop worrying about your IT and start focusing  your patients.

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